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Africa unleashed! Honoring the unique heritage of African women and men. Showcasing our voices through everyday essentials like fashion and useful things like coffee mugs, greeting cards and esthetics like stickers, digital art and framed and unframed wall art. Let's rock it!

About Her

Adellee, a Jamaican, woman who is clearly of African descent have always felt that rich African spirit deep within her, and have always carried her African Ancestors in her Spirit and thus quite a bit of her music, her art, her soul leans heavily to that. Now she shares some of her art she has been creating and curating of what she feels are her tribe, her Tribal Girlz  because the creation of these women satisfies her soul, they are like a fever burning within her that must come forth and thus she bring them forth.

She does this for relaxation and some form of therapy for unknown reasons, maybe to soothe wounds of the pain her slaved ancestors felt because each creation brings amazing joy to her,

She creates photgraphic art, and graphic art mixed with AI with sometimes a mix of occasionally handdrawn background.

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